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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Travel information for Shaxi, Tiger Leaping Gorge, Yunnan province

Shāxī 沙溪 Travel Information

This is a wonderful town and I strongly recommend a visit for anyone out in the Lijiang/Dali region. It's got all of the traditional architecture and ethnic minority culture, with hardly any of the tourists!

Getting there: Shaxi is about three hours from Lijiang (Bus: 17RMB), four hours from Dali (Bus: 24RMB). From either, take a bus to Jianchuan. Outside Jianchuan station are minibuses with Shaxi signs in their windows. Rides are 8RMB per seat, and take approximately 45 minutes.

Lijiang to Jianchuan daily bus schedule:
11:00 am
1:30 pm
3:00 pm

Number 58 Hostel (58号小院)
Tel. 86 872 4721358

Shaxi Cultural Center and Guesthouse (沙溪文化中心)
Telephone: 0872-4722188
Contact: Xiao Yang 13577851576

More information:
General town information:
Shaxi Rehabilitation project:
Tea and Horse Caravan road:

Tiger Leaping Gorge

Woody Guesthouse
Tel. 13988712705 / 13988745996
QQ: 849224646

I would recommend Woody Guesthouse for those looking to spend a second night or coming in from Daju. Its located near Sean’s guesthouse towards the far side of the park for those coming in from Qiaotou, about an hour and a half from Tina’s and Middle Leaping Gorge, which I also strongly recommend. The views from the bottom of the gorge are incredible!

The owner is very friendly, speaks English well and the food was excellent.

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